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Angel Juicer 8500 New Series Angelia 8500S

Angel juicer 8500 S is the top juicer for daily home-use to extract most of

enzymes, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids from vegetables and


Angel 8500S offers you most nutritious

juice as confirmed by South Korea

Scientific laboratory when compared to

other juicers on the market.

The newest of the angel juicer series is

called new angelia 8500S. Angel juicer

8500 S series is made of all stainless

steel grade 316 (18-12). This stainless

steel is purer and tougher rating than lower series.

It is made after over 30 years of experience working to mimic the closest to

natural chewing with 82 RPM. (round per minute).

In order to absorb the nutrition from food, you need to chew food well and use enzymes and acids in your saliva, pancreas, gall bladder and stomach to convert the food into absorbable liquid form. Angel juicer 8500 S provides you that nutritious rich juice for fast absorption and assimilation by the body. Angel 8500S series facilitate the problem most people have of not chewing their food well and long- enough for better digestion. Angel juicer 8500S series facilitate the problem of consuming large amount of calories by separating the pulp from the nutritious juice. Angel Juicer new series angelia 8500 S Main Features: Angel juicer model angelia 8500S is the newest model in the series released in 2010 and has had minor, but important improvements since then. Angel juicer  model Angelia 8500S is basically has everything that model angelia 7500 has, but additionally it has the following important advanced features: Angel juicer new series angelia 8500S has the grinding gears, grinding housing filter and the housing cover are made of tougher rating Stainless steel grade 316 (18- 12). This type of stainless steel that comes in contact with the food is usually used in high-end surgical tools. This is harder stainless steel to manufacture. The remaining features of the angel juicer new angelia 8500S is identical to model Angelia 7500 : Angel juicer model angelia 8500S has micro processor computer artificial intelligent sensor (MICOM) that function subtly and automatically to enable extraction perfectly. This feature would automatically release the action of the pushing forward of pulp, excess juice and nutrients momentarily to allow much thorough extraction of nutrients and juice and separation of drier poorer pulp  (the user does not notice its regular action except may notice slight back-up of fine food mixed with juice momentarily. This is not like reversing a forward moving vehicle but resembles slight releasing of the acceleration to allow a safer distance away from the vehicle in front. This allows for best filtering of juice and best grinding to get most nutrient extracted resulting in slightly more juice, but much more nutritional value and an added safety feature. This advanced feature will not cause an unnecessary stoppage during juicing. Angel 8500S new series angelia 8500S has automatic reversal functionality in case of emergency such as when foreign material injected or overly loaded, then it would  sudden stop the machine as an extra layer of protection to the engine, gears, sensitive parts and filter. It may very slightly slow juicing, but it will provide higher nutrition, vitamin, minerals, essential amino acids and an essential layer of engine, gears and filter protection from damage. Angel juicer series angelia 8500 S has manual reversal to use when needed. Angel juicer latest models angelia 8500S use SHG technology (Shattering Helical Gear Technology) which focuses on the advanced shape and angles of the teeth ofthe tween gears. SHG may appears minor difference, but provides profound nutritional juice content. SHG may appear to make a minor difference, but provides profound nutritional juice content. SHG measures how much nutrition can be extracted depends on how subtly the juicer can grind. (angel juicers SHG Technology for the new angelia juicers models) Angel juicer newest series is angelia 8500S model uses Low Speed Cone Screw Technology (LSCS). Angel juicers models angelia 8500s series use MSET (Multi Step Extracting Technology). which makes high pressure while cone shaped screw are spinning slowly to get more nutrition and juice from vegetable and fruits. Angel juicer 8500S models Angelia applies 3 steps extraction technology to to get more juice and nutrition: Angel juicer newest series is angelia juicer 8500S uses reduction gear made of SCM4 exceptional durability heat treated as used in car transmission. Angel juicer new series angelia 8500s uses a cooling system to last longer and it is the pride of angelia series. Angel 8500S new series angelia 8500S uses FDA approved Stainless steel to use for food handling. Angel juicer new angelia 8500s uses anti bacteria stainless steel. Angel juicers new angelia 8500S is truly a Masterpiece timeless and perfected design. Angel juicer 8500 S series Angelia like all the angel juicers series have been exported world wide with very happy customers. Angel juicer new angelia 8500s like all the angel juicers series are easy to operate and quick to clean-up. Angel juicer 8500 S new angelia is similar to other angel juicers series operates easily and quickly. Angel juicer 8500S provides Protection of Motor made of special material to prevent the reduction of gear from damage. Angel juicer 8500 S new angelia juicer models use water proof button to prevent electrical leakage. Angel juicer 8500s series offers child protection devices by preventing the juicer from working when it is dissembled. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer series has an automatic heat sensor that stops the machine automatically when overheated. Angel juicer 8500S new angelia juicer has triple locker switch (Power and operation switches) attached to protect children from negligent accident. Angel 8500s new model angelia juicers uses electromagnetic wave blocking system to shield user from electromagnetic with acquired Australian (C-Tick) and Korean (EM/ EMS) certificates. Angel 8500s new model angelia juicers use environmental hormone free stainless steel. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer series gained approval certificates CE, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, KC, C-Tick, EM/ EMS. Angel juicer 8500s new model angelia juicer 8500s has 3H engine grinding force. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer’s engine is 120-180 watts and 1/4 H.  Angel juicer 8500s new angelia 8500s series use auger speed of 82 RPM which is very close to natural mouth chewing rate.  Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer has 42 mm diameter of feed chute. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer approximate weight is about 13 KG. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicers are designed for home use only and rated for about 30 minutes of maximum operation continuously before rest, cooling-off and cleaning. The best practice is when producing 1 to 2 containers of juice (a container is about 1000ml) to rest & clean the juicer. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer uses gears that are 220 mm in length. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer series use gears that are 34 mm in diameter. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer 8500s can be ordered in 110-120 Voltage or 220 to 240 Voltage and either 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz Cycle. Furthermore, you can also specify the electrical cord plug shape for your country (read more). Angel juicer  tries to include the desired cord type whenever possible. Angel juicer 8500s new angelia 8500s series are available in 220V /50Hertz (common for Europe, Australia, UK). Angel juicer 8500s new angelia juicer 8500s series are available in 220V / 60 Hertz (limited countries use this. Angel juicer 8500 s new angelia 8500 s series are available in 110V/ 60 Hertz (common in North America, Canada, Japan). Angel juicer 8500 s new angelia 8500 s series are available in 110V/ 50 Hertz (limited countries use it). General Guide for Countries’ Electrical Cord Types General Guide for Countries’ Electrical Cord Types: Sample Countries Electrical Cord Types bases on previous customer orders: Cord "A" - Germany, Slovakia, Morocco (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "B" - USA, Mexico and Canada, Japan, Taiwan (Electricity 110V. 60 Hertz) Cord "C" or "F"- Denmark, South Africa (or E) and Russia (or F) (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "B" Israel (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "D" India (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "E" - France (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "F" - Norway, Sweden, Israel, Greece (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "G" - United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia and Singapore (220 V. 50 Hertz) Cord "I" Australia, New Zealand, Belgium , Grenada, Hong Kong (220 V. 50 Hertz)  Cord "J" Switzerland (220 V. 50 Hertz) Angel juicer8500s new angelia juicer 8500s comes with the following standard parts: A cleaning brush A screen scraper A regular style Wooden Food Pusher A plastic Juice Collector Tub A plastic Pulp Collector Container An Electrical Cord Angel Juicer Angelia Operating Manual. To purchase the angel juicer new angelia 8500s series in 110-120V or for further information, please, click here To Purchase the angel Juicer new angelia 8500s in 110-120V or for further information, please, click here Angel juicer Recommendations: We recommend you add the Stainless steel cup for the juice collection since it is properly fitted to offer better support for the long housing and gears. The optional silicon sealed pusher is a great addition for certain foamy fruits and vegetables. We recommend any anticipated needs such as an extra cleaning brush to ship free with the juicer. By owning the angel juicer new angelia juicer 8500s series, you have taken an excellent step for your own health and wellness.
Angel juicer 5500 series Angelia 5500 from Angel juicer company manufacturing super angel angel juicer and angelia
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Angel Juicer 8500 Series Angelia 8500S Juicer
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