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What is the Best Juicer for Natural Cancer Therapy and for anyone who

desires the most amount of Juice extraction?

We often receive questions about Green Star Green Power juicers, Champion

Juicer, Hydraulic Press, Norwalk and Dr Max Gerson Juice Therapy

specifically from cancer patients who are seeking best juicer. We also receive

inquiries related to the Dr. Norman walker developer of the Norwalk Juicer.

We also receive questions related to the K & K hydraulic juicer press or The

People’s Press juicing system.

During the early stage of the Angel Juicer research 30-years ago, we looked into many types of juicing technology. At that time, we concluded that centrifugal and very fast spinning of juicing technology should be avoided. Hydraulic press employs a two-step juicing system. In a two-step hydraulic press juicing technology, we found that often the food is chopped using a high speed or low speed chopper and then the food is collected in cloth bags and placed in a pressing container that measure approximately 18cm X 18cm (7 inches X 7 inches). We also noted that the user of the two-step technology may need to press the chopped food few times and usually gets more juice with each additional press after spreading the remaining food on a smaller surface area. The more juice produced, the higher the nutritional value of the content. We also concluded that the less RPM in the chopping, process bellow 200 RPM, the less risk of oxidative effect. If our mouths were to imitate high speed centrifugal juicers, we would be chewing at an incredible 1,000 to 30,000 bites per minute. That is rather unnatural, regardless of whom is trying to convince of otherwise. The purpose is to remain as close to natural function as possible. We also noted from the law of physics that the wider the surface area under press, the more distribution of the force. For example, the larger the ship area, the more it can carry weight and the more the weight is distributed and the ship feels lighter and will not sink. All you need is very little force to penetrate the layers of using a small surface like sticking a needle into just about any plant or many hard surfaces. Therefore, for the second-step of the hydraulic pressing system to produce more juice, the surface area should be reduced. Additionally, the better chopped the food during the first-step, the higher the extracted juice. Angel juicer is the first company in the world to develop and perfect the twin-gear slow mastication three-step technology. Click here to read about our Angel Juicer Technology. For those customers who are interested and insist on using the two- step juicing technology will find that homogenization of the food by using the Angel Juicer series Angelia and using our Nuts’ housing produces the finest mixture of finely meshed fibroid and juice at 85 RPM in an all stainless steel machine. If you juice with an Angel Juicer Angelia series, you would notice the fiber produced are pealed into tiny pieces and layers that almost resembles soft pile of sands or dust burst open the deepest cells of the plant where most nutrients are stored. That is because, our technology doesn’t just chop or triturate the food during the first step, but break open the deep marrow storage cells of the plant in a shaving chewing technology at very small amount at a time. Furthermore, in step two and three of the Angel Juicer technology, we employ the physics law of exerting high pressure, but on the tinniest possible of finely meshed food particles in the tightest space possible. This means during step two and three; we squeeze the opened cells small amount at a time under high pressure and tight space. During step-three we continue to squeeze the exited dry fibroid. The end result of the extracted juice using the Angel Juicer series Angelia contains rich vitamin, minerals, essential amino acids and living enzymes from the marrow of the fibroid. We believe we accomplished our vision to create and perfect the best juicer in the world and continue to tweak it to a higher standard whenever that is possible. The independent lab analysis on the extracted juice confirms that Angel juicer extracts most nutritious juice rich verses the juicers that represented the analysis by huge difference that puts the Angel Juicer in a class in itself in the advanced juicing technology. Therefore, the resulted saving in the gained nutritional content by using the Angel juicer should pay for itself in a short time. The following is written by Samer Kurait, a researcher in the nutrition and health area ran a test to measure the amount of carrot juice and celery juice per 5 pound (80 oz). He reported the following findings which any owner of the Angel Juicer can repeat and confirm: Products used: “I used Angelia 7500 which has been in use for about 3 years on a multiple times a day. The produce were washed, air dried and finally dried by towels to ensure no water residue is left on the produce to avoid skewing the result. All juicer parts and juice collection pitcher were air and towel dry. The Angel juicer standard housing (that came originally with the juicer and gears were cleaned per Angel juicer’ manual instruction, rinsed under water and scrubbed few times with the cleaning brush that accompany the juicer. Thereafter, no cleaning of the filter or gears took place during the juicing of the entire 5 pounds of each produce. The regular wooden food pusher was used mainly when juiced carrots and celery, but non during the parsley juicing as it was not necessary. The timing of the year was March 1st The produce consisted of 5 pounds of baby carrots store brands with each pound bagged separately already pealed medium sizes. 5 pounds of regular carrots and juiced with their skin. 5 pounds of celery. 5 pounds of Italian wide leaves parsley purchased from 5 different stores which included 1 1/2 pounds labeled “organic” and the remaining 3 1/2 pounds unlabeled “organic.” Non of the carrots or celery were labeled “organic.” The data were collected without adding the jelled residue around the outside of the filter area and also with the jelled residue around the outside of the filter area. We let the carrots and celery dry after washing them and again we dried them by towels to ensure their dryness before the test. I want to mimic the amount of weight of the carrots and celery that was used by another test which used other  brands of juicers, but for some reasons they did not test nor mention the Angel Juicer in their data or discussion at the time of testing. I used 5 pounds (80 oz) of baby carrots, 5 pounds of celery, 5 pounds of regular size carrots and 5 pounds of Italian wide leaves parsley. The resulted juice: I had 59.3 oz of juice out of 80 oz of baby carrot without the skin or 74.125% juice. I had 57.3 oz of juice out of 80 oz of regular size carrots with the skin or 71.625% juice. I had 58.8 oz of juice out of 80 oz of Italian wide leaves parsley or 73.5% juice. I had 70.1 oz of juice out of 80 oz of celery or 87.625 juice. Parsley juice has essential fatty acids that tends to jell when not stirred. I did not include any of the jelled Parsley juice, carrot juice or celery collected outside the filter in my first data collection. However, when I added the residues around the filter section into the juice Baby-carrot without skin juice totaled 60.7 oz or 75.875% juice Juice from regular size carrots with the skin totaled 59.4 oz or 74.25% juice. Celery juice totaled 70.9 oz or 88.625% juice. Parsley juice totaled 61.1 oz or 76.375% juice. Furthermore, I make the following notes: The Norwalk juicer mentioned their juicing comparison data on their website (and at this link) reported that they were able to extract 57 oz of juice out of 80 oz of carrots without skin or 71.3% juice. The Norwalk juicer also reported in their research that they extracted 27 oz of Parsley juice out of 80 oz of Parsley or 33.75% juice. The Norwalk juicer reported they extracted 68.1 oz of Celery juice out of 80 oz of celery or 85.125% juice. Additionally, I noted that the Hallelujah Acres study at this link reported that they produced carrot juice by the Norwalk juicer in their study using regular size carrots without skin was 55% while a combination of The People’ Hydraulic Press and the Champion juicer produced 67% carrot juice.” the Hallelujah Acres study noted the following: the Norwalk juicer grinds and triturates at about 3600 RPM. The Champion juicer uses about 1725 RPM. The Green Life uses about 110 RPM. The Omega juicer at about 3600 RPM. Le Equip juicer at about 3600 RPM. Juiceman II juicer at about 6300 RPM. Juiceman Jr juicer at about 3600 RPM. Conclusion: I find the ability of the Angel Juicer to produce consistently the highest amount of juice from variety of produce is appealing and admirable. Cleaning the housing and gears was quick and simple.” Many of our customers are cancer patients who searched for the best juicer and believe that Angel juicers are the best juicer they can have in their choice of natural and nutritional primary or supportive cancer therapy. In deed a healthy body can fight diseases, viruses, illness and disharmony more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, conventional cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can be exhausting and hard on the body. Over the past 30-years, many cancer patients who are searching for the best juicer found Angel juicer, Super Angel Juicer, Angela Juicer or the new model Angelia juicer to be the best juicer they searched for.  Remember the old saying to eat small bites at a time and to chew your food slow and good ensuring a complete break of the fiber before you swallow it. Angel juicer advanced technology resembles very much the natural slow chewing of food leaving very tinny gap between the teeth and the extremely small shredded bites. 
Angel juicer juice fruits and vegetables with highest extracrted juice and nutrition for optimal health fighting body
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