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Angel juicers Europe Customers

Angel Juicers Europe customers who purchase a juicer exclusively from this

website qualify for a partial or full refund on any Vat or custom fee that they

may pay.

Angel Juicers Europe customers usually are not required to pay any extra Vat or custom fee. However, if a European customer pays any Vat or custom fee, please must obtain an official receipt, scan and email it within 5 days of receiving your juicer order. Then please, email it to us by copying and pasting the receipt within the body of the return email of your purchased order (not as an attachment). We will refund you the payment up to US$50.

Angel juicers Europe customers’ Vat and Custom Fee

We do not add or charge you any VAT or custom fees on any of the angel

juicers and angel juicer parts.

We enclose all the necessary documents with the juicer. We have a custom authorization for EU which we include with the shipping of the juicer and declares that except were otherwise indicated these products are of preferential origin. Therefore, most of the time and to most countries, our customers do not need to pay any VAT or custom fee. However, it is all up to custom on that particular day. Therefore, you may or may not have to pay VAT or custom fee whether you live in the EU, UK, or other countries and everyone's payment would differ. Therefore, with all that we do to offer it at a low price and not charge you any shipping, if you have to pay any VAT or custom fee, it is beyond your control and ours. In today’s economy, struggling governments may demand VAT, custom fee at any moment notice. In fact, that should be another reason for anyone to own a juicer while currencies have not depreciated which may force us to increase our prices. We hope that the health benefit the Angel Juicer may offer you and your family would offset its cost and any VAT or custom one may have to pay. We are confident the nutrition extracted from the food that otherwise could be wasted or more food would be needed to produce an equal amount of nutrition if another brand is used over-time would pay for itself. Assistance Programs For Vat and Custom Fee’s Refund is Limited to Customers who Exclusively Purchase a Juicer from our Website. Not for parts ordered and shipped alone For our customers who exclusively purchase a juicer from this website and who may have to pay vat or custom fee and would absolutely need an assistance requested as noted within 5 days from receiving your juicer, then please, read about our special Vat and Custom partial or full refund offer. The reason we offer such a program is mainly because most customers who order our juicers have health challenges. The vast benefit gained from higher nutritional outcome by using our juicer over other juicers is actually a financial saving over the long-term that should offset any initial financial burden. We want to share the health benefits offered by Angel Juicer high technology and likewise the financial burden when possible. Our commitment to to our customers is humanitarian, because we believe that all human are our brothers and sisters created equally in the image and likeness of our One Creator regardless of nationalisms and borders imposed on human. If you do not need such a financial assistance, please, do not request it and consider it a contribution from you and your family to help those in needs that share similar love to natural raw food and who are fed-up of processed food and pharmaceutical harmful effects. While we can not offer offer financial assistance to everyone, we believe that our juicer can contribute positively to the health of everyone. Certainly, if anyone is under the care of their physician or on a restricted diet or restricted certain minerals and vitamins should begin gradually drinking the high enzymes, essential fatty acids, mineral and vitamin gained from using our juicer until their health condition improved and or laboratory values are favored. We can influence one another. For example, any person ill with flu, can spread it to others regardless of nationalism. Therefore, let’s work on spreading health to one another. We ask that our customers would not abuse our generous offers to prevent us from canceling it.
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