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Health Tips for related to juice extracted by all of Angel juicer models Angel

juicer, Angela juicer Super Angel juicer and the new Angel juicer Angelia

How often do I need to drink fresh juice extracted by one of the Angel juicer


You should drink vegetable and fruit juices extracted by an Angel juicer on a regular, daily basis to maximize effectiveness. Even a few hours of not having it in your system will result in a clear physical impact, so parts of the body trying to rejuvenate themselves will always need more. What time of day is the most effective time to drink the juice extracted by one of the Angel juicer model? It's best to drink Angel juicer juice when your stomach is empty, to maximize your results. By empty stomach, we mean 2.5 hrs after a meal until 0.5 hrs before your next meal. Anytime your stomach is empty between the moment you wake up and 0.5 hrs before you go to sleep is good. Even fibers or a tiny bit of food will act as a snack when eaten between meals and cause harm to your system. How should I drink the juice extracted by one of the Angel juicer model? a) Juices extracted by an Angel juicer model should not be drunk too fast, but with one sip at a time. It's best that it is not cold, to ensure fast absorption. It is loaded of nutrition and live beneficial enzymes; therefore, please drink slow for best assimilation. b) When using an Angel juicer, if you juice vegetables or fruits straight out of the refrigerator, the temperature of the juice may be too low that in the digestive process, it may decompose into waste in your system. This is especially true for those with poor liver functions. We suggest leaving the vegetables and fruits to warm up a bit before juicing them. I've heard that people who are Soeumchejil are not compatible with leafy vegetables. Is it ok to drink juice extracted by one of the Angel juicer model? Vegetable juice extracted by an Angel juicer model is most effective when drunk immediately. As soon as vegetables are picked from the plant, they lose their energy and gradually die. Therefore the extracted juice loses potency even faster as it gets oxidized. What should I do if drinking vegetable juices extracted by an Angel juicer causes that diarrhea? This indicates that your liver functions are low, you have harmful bacteria in your stomach, and built-up fecal matter in your intestines. This can become the primary reason for modern adult diseases. People with this tendency have a stronger need for liver function recovery by drinking more vegetable juice extracted by an Angel juicer. It will destroy decomposing bacteria in your system and increase digestive absorption, allowing full recovery from diarrhea. Slow down the amount you drink and gradually increase as your health recovers. How much juice extracted by an Angel juicer is the most effective to drink? The results are better the more you drink juice extracted by an Angel juicer. Drinking a lot of vegetable and fruit juices extracted by an Angel juicer not only means fortifying your body with nutrition it needs, what's more important is that if/when you have a disease from a malfunctioning of a body part, it will help the body organically heal itself. The toxins that prevent organic healing in small corners of the body will be melted away and be expelled through sweat, urine, and breathing. This will only be possible by drinking a lot of vegetable juice. Some say "no matter how good you should take everything in moderation." Healthy people may not need a lot of medicine, but a combination of many different medicines for a very sick person is appropriate. What are some other helpful tips on drinking vegetable juice extracted by an Angel juicer? It is very helpful to breathe oxygen and take in natural sun as you drink, as well as soaking in nature's ability to heal itself organically. Is it necessary to juice vegetables and fruits of the same group? Yes. Grouping certain vegetables and fruits containing specific nutrients that a recovering body needs will be much more effective. Can I mix in fruit juice to help its flavor? Do not juice vegetables and fruits together when juicing with an Angel juicer. Mixed together, they will create decomposition within your digestive system and lead to gas or even diarrhea. How far apart do vegetable juice and fruit juice extracted by an Angel juicer have to be drunk? Generally, vegetable juices extracted by an Angel juicer can be drunk every 1 hour, and fruit juices every 30 minutes. If you have cancer or very poor liver function, then you should lengthen the time between juices and adjust the amount as well. How do I juice potato in an Angel juicer and how should I drink it? Choose potatoes that have not been exposed to sunlight and do not have buds. Juice with the skin on, wait 5-8 minutes for it to settle. Drink the top part of the juice immediately. How should I mix fruits in a juice? You should not mix sweet and sour fruits together in a juice. Can patients with low kidney function such as diabetics or on medications benefit from drinking juice extracted by an Angel juicer? If the kidney function is slow, for example the EGFR test is bellow 60% then the kidney is not filtering properly. Low kidney function can increase the risk of imbalance electrolytes such as an elevated potassium and other electrolytes. An elevated potassium level is dangerous on the heart. Consuming food that contain high potassium level can become danger if the potassium is elevated. Low kidney patients should also watch their protein consumption. Therefore, keep a close watch on your laboratory values and your blood glucose level when you are drinking highly nutritious juice extracted by an Angel juicer. Grape fruits breaks certain medications such as high cholesterol medication and may increase their potency and as a consequence their side-effects. If any of your laboratory values show abnormal such as an elevated potassium level, decrease food content high in potassium or decrease the amount of juice and consult with your physician until the situation improves. Diabetics, overweight, high cholesterol patients, heart disease patients and cancer patients among others can benefit greatly from vegetable juicing. However, close monitor of the patient and lab values is essential since the medications might require decrease or adjustments and as well the diet amount and or selections. Such patients are usually under powerful medications and improvement in their health conditions make the medications more potent and risk higher side effect. Therefore, please, watch your lab values and blood glucose closely and consult with your physician related to any changes. You should adjust your diet and food selections accordingly upon any lab value deviation. Same should apply to all patients that are on medications or conditions that affect their kidney filtration or electrolytes imbalance such as hypoparathyroidism or any thyroid related condition.
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