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Return Authorization Form For Angel juicer

Return Authorization for Angel Juicer ’s Customers who Purchased From this


Return Policy for Angel juicers

We provide the angel juicer various models, angel juicer parts and our services

to dealers and affiliates subject to the following Return Policy. If you visit or

shop with us, you accept these conditions:

Exceptions: Some items maybe subject to an additional return policy as noted on the particular item. Return: Customer must contact us within 30-days from purchase -except as noted bellow- to get Return Authorization Number. All return are subject to our Refund Policy as bellow. Customers’ Refund: As soon as we receive the returned product, we will refund you 70% the actual product price minus the Shipping and handling charges and the customer pays for the return mailing and packaging charges. Although we may offer our juicers or parts under “Free or Discounted Shipping,” that does not mean in case of requested a refund we will not charge you at least the shipping cost that we paid. Please, note the Shipping and handling is not refundable unless an error on our behalf such as shipping the wrong merchandise. While we believe strongly in customer satisfaction, we realize that a return carry cost on our customers such as the Shipping, handling, the cost to return the item to us and the time involved. Therefore, please if you are not sure of any of our products to be what you are looking for, then email us before you purchase and we would be glad to assist you. Refusal of sales and services: We reserve the right to refuse a customer’s purchase of any product we offer at our own discretion. We also reserve the right to refuse all future sales and warranty with any customer whom we determine causing abuse of our products or making a false manufacturing damage claims. Our Affiliates and Dealers’ Refund Policy: Our Affiliates and dealers must state clearly their refund policies and if the needs arise, our affiliates and dealers must take every effort in a timely manner to reach an agreement with the buyer. Damage: In case of damages, Please make damage claims directly to the carrier for merchandise shipped by a common carrier.  Price: Due to the dynamic nature of the market and our products, shipping fee and services, prices are subject to change without prior notice. Dispute: In case of dispute, we will take every measure possible to protect the integrity of our sealers, affiliates and customers and to ensure the appropriate governing laws are obeyed by all parties. This includes termination of our services to any law-breaching parties.
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