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The O rings have arrived, Thank you so much for the excellent service ! Love the machine and the juices ! Very easy to clean and maintain ! I don't know if the juicer has something to do with it, but I feel better now than before they told me I had colorectal cancer. Warmest regards, François / Canada Dear Angelia, this is to let you know that I am very satisfied with my juicer! I have been using it for a while now and I found it easy to assembly as well as to clean. And of course the juice excellent quality. Thank you :).   Kind regards Janina/ Australia Hello We received juicer and it is working great! Thank you for everything. Best regards Alan/Zagreb Croatia Thank you for your good service I have received the angel and am well pleased ! paul/ New Zealand Hi, We have tried it out and it is wonderful, easy to use & clean :) Of course you are forgiven! No worries about the delay because you kept in contact :) Kind Regards Rachel /Bay of Plenty - New Zealand PS we will be getting another one of these for my partners mother soon :) Great dancers are not great because of their technique - they are great because of their PASSION! - Martha Graham 1894-1991, Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer   Hi! The juicer has just arrived, I can't wait to open it and start juicing! Thanks Rachel   Hi, Thank you so much, they turned up yesterday! That was super fast! Thanks again :) Rachel   Thank you so much, I'll let you know when they arrive :) Rachel Hello, I received everything today and checked how it works. It looks like a great juicer so far. Thanks. Regards, German, PhD DSC / Canada Dear juicer friends, I have test it with carrot mixed with red chili pepper, i have juices wheat grass, this machine is every penny worth it, I juice every day and so easy to clean. As promised i will write reference, where can i find the hyper-link A very happy customer Ernst/ Australia Hello, The second package has been delivered now. Everything is fine, thank you. Olga/ United Kingdom Good morning, I have received your juicer, thank you. However, the plastic tubs were not replaced with the stainless steel ones according to my order and as stated in commercial invoice. The additional silicone ring is also not included. Then I noticed that for some reason you sent two separate packages. That means that I did not receive the second package tracking number: xxx Could you please investigate? Hi, Sorry for the late reply but I have had a little trouble getting my wheatgrass established. I am very happy with my angel juicer. Once I learned how to operate the juicer, it is performing exactly as I expected. The spare parts left out my original shipment arrived last week. Thank you for your professional service, I will not hesitate to recommend to product to my friends. Regards, Simon/ Australia Hi, Thank you for sorting out the missing items and for the explanation about the housing. I am very happy with my purchase, the machine and gears look very robust indeed. My wheatgrass is about 6 to 7 days away from being tall enough to juice. I will let you know how the juicer performs then. I have noted your advice on how to use the machine when juicing wheat grass and I will also try adding other food to the wheatgrass. I have only had wheatgrass once before from a juice bar and it was very strong but tolerable, they gave you a piece of orange to chew on afterwards. I am growing my wheatgrass in ocean water diluted to 2000 ppm with rain water. I am looking forward to receiving the health benefits of the wheatgrass along with the absorbable minerals. Kind regards, Simon/ Australia   Hello Simon, I believe you are missing a brush and a Silicon seal. We will mail them to you. Yes, you received the new housing. The improvements are not visual on the outside. It is the layers how it is manufactured only the screen part of the housing filter and the end where pulp exists were strengthened. Shape and all are the same. Please, let us know how you like the juicer. Try some wheatgrass (no need to use the pusher) use small amount and it will take them. Just juice slow even it takes them quick so the fiber has time to exit. You may want to add other food with the wheatgrass as well. Sorry about the missing items. http://www.AngeliaJuicer.com Hello, Just to let you know that the Juicer arrived this morning and this is quite exciting. A minor thing to note however is that the order had 2 brushes and 1 extra silicon ring...whereas my order was actually for the opposite...2 rings and only one brush...not sure what can be done about this for now. I suspect the ring will wear more quickly than the brush hence the reason I had ordered 2 rings...would appreciate to hear what you think might be doable... Many thanks, Patrick/ London United Kingdom Dear Angelia, thank you very much for your reply. I was able to track the juicer and today I received it. Kind regards Janina i'm writing this because my husband bought me de angelia juicer on your advice i ordered a second Angelia_Stainless_Juice_Tub so you don't have to send the 2 plastic ones and i would like the 2 silicone rings for it in return, and not the brush thank you so much regards angel/ Belgium Hi, I was interested in another 7500 220v angel juicer for work. Would I be able to purchase another one of these juicers from you the same as the last one I purchased late last year? including shipping to Australia. Thanks Pete /Australia Hello Peter, You are welcome. In deed you have received the top juicer in the world. We also would like to invite you to our website to write your evaluation of the juicer. http://www.AngeliaJuicer.com Hi , Thanks for sending everything, We are looking forward to juicing some of our wheatgrass in the new AG1000 mini commercial juicer. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, Regards, Thomas and Claire / Ireland ** Hello Thomas, Merry Christmas to you. Did you receive the videos we sent you about your commercial juicer? Thank you http://www.AngeliaJuicer.com Hi , I did and I was very impressed. Thanks a million. Merry Christmas / Happy holidays. Regards, Thomas/ Ireland Customer order AG1000 mini commercial juicer Great stuff, I await my delivery! In the meantime, thank you for your inquiry about my health. I have what is called a Centralized Carcinoid tumor in my right lung that is partially blocking the entrance to the lower lobe. This has caused ongoing Pneumonia as that lobe has partially collapsed and it is very difficult to clear out any infection that remains. This style of cancer I'm told is very slow growing with very low spread-ability rate and mine is very small,5 mm approximately and is contained in that one location. Am also told that it is usually found in much younger people,15 to 30 year olds, I'm, dare I say it,50 y.o., but I look 40 and act 30,guess I'm young at heart & lung, lol ! I have had no intervention, no chemo or radio therapy or drugs, although my surgeon, Doc Windsor, who is suppose to be one of the best heart/lung transplant, has suggested that I should have half my right lung removed. I'm a little unhappy at the prospect of losing half a lung and believe I can cure this through diet, as it was probably largely my poor diet, too much acid foods and not near enough alkaline foods, that contributed to this situation in the first place. Doc Windsor is supporting me in my Endeavor, by agreeing to do lung-cam (bronchoscope) when I request ,to monitor the size of the carcinoid, which can be seen in my airway. If it doesn't show sings of reduction after a certain period of time, I will relent to surgery. If you know of any of your Angel Juicer customer that have cured their cancer or are in the process of, especially those with a similar situation to mine, who are happy to share their experience with others, I would love to hear from them. If you can help in this way it would be appreciated! May your dreams be in rainbow colors! Bye now. Robby/ Australia Hello there Angelia Juicer people, Thank you for your suggestion but I want to keep the order as it is with the extra brushes and Silicon rings. Would there be room to add the Stainless Steel tub as well? Steve (from Australia) recommended your juicer to me, he thought there was a referral system but we couldn't work out how it worked. I am looking forward to using my juicer! Kind regards Annabel / Australia Hello Annabel, Thank you. It maybe better for you to have the Stainless Steel tub instead of the 2 extra brushes and 1 Silicon rings. You can add US$9 we send you a Stainless Steel tub to keep might be a better option for you. It is up to you. Thank you http://www.AngeliaJuicer.com Hi , Thanks for your remind , yeap , Malaysia is using 220 - 240 volt, please help me change the volt to 240 . Dun forget that my CORD TYPES is G TYPE. This is very important for me as i'm very worried if didn't change then i got to do in Malaysia and use it end up spoil this expensive juicer. Also, remember my manual book for the juicer ( which include menu , recipe for juicer in English version ) . Other than that everything is fine , just worrying if anything happen on the juicer and how to use it only. Million thanks for your kindness. Regards, Caliss/ Malaysia Hello Caliss, Note you ordered Angelia with electricity 110 Voltage. Usually Malaysia is 240 Voltage. Please, reply with the correct Voltage you need. Do you like us to change your order to 240 Voltage? Thank you http://AngeliaJuicer.com Hello Sorry I have only just noticed this email and the one from PayPal as I have been busy the last couple of days and there was a lot of stuff in my inbox. Yes the 220v and the cord type "i" is correct for Australia but I was after the 5500 model with no auto reverse, as it is cheaper and am happy to manually reverse if I need to. I am also happy to have the 2 silicon rings Can you give me an new invoice so that I am sure to get the model I want. Best Regards Michael / Philippine Hello Michael, Yes, we are sending you an invoice from PayPal. We have orders from most of countries in the world. We will invoice you for a juicer and 2 additional Silicon rings (They are wearable and you would appreciate the extra. Price US$5 each) if you do not need them, then email us and we will refund you the extra. Please, email us and specify any cord style (It is I for Australia and anyway the machine fits any computer regular plug so easy to find anywhere) Also, we are assuming 220 voltage, 50 Hertz as Australia. If otherwise or you need to any further items, please let us know to invoice you. Please, specify the shipping address and your telephone number. Thank you http://www.AngeliaJuicer.com
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